The best flavour the north has to offer

Bread cheese, also known as “Finnish squeaky cheese”, is a unique Finnish cheese. The world’s best northern bread cheese is a traditional treat served with coffee, but it is still popular nowadays and is found commonly in desserts, salads and snacks – you can even barbecue it. In our bread cheese, you’ll taste the fresh, locally sourced milk produced in Arctic conditions. Full of vitality and pure flavour.

Try out our recipes

Grandma’s sweet bread cheese

45 min / easy

Asparagus and baked bread cheese

15 min / easy

Bread cheese and lingonberry bake

20 min / easy

Finnish Erätuli bread cheese can be used to cook a wide range of dishes – both traditional northern cuisine as well as more experimental fusion cuisine.

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Erätuli bread cheese

200 g

Erätuli bread cheese with cloudberry jam

200 + 25 g

The magic of the midnight sun

And fine northern milk. The cows are happy and cared for on family-owned farms, and provide wonderfully fresh, pure milk for our bread cheese. Our products are manufactured from full-fat milk, so they contain all of the natural protein of milk. Northern flavours thrive under the midnight sun!

Quality certification

In our home country, Finland, we cooperate with all key retail stores and chains. Our products are found in stores throughout the country. Our operations are quality-certified, and responsibility is an important value to us.

Vaalan Juustola is located around an hour from Oulu and Kajaani in the verdant landscape of Oulujärvi and Oulujoki in North Ostrobothnia, Finland.

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Would you like to sell delicious Finnish bread cheese? We are looking for distributors for all markets. Tell us about yourself or your company, and we’ll get in touch.

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